Flooring maintenance is essential to preserve your flooring’s maximum performance and appearance retention.

A commercial flooring installation can be a significant investment in terms of image, building operations and air quality, as well as invested capital. Commercial carpet can hold up to five times its weight in dirt before becoming apparent, and standard janitorial cleaning utilizes bonnet (spin) cleaning which simply moves most of the soil around, making the appearance uniform but accomplishing little real cleaning. Moreover, Bonnet cleaning voids the warranty of nearly every major carpet manufacturer, and will inevitably shorten the life expectancy of any installed flooring product.

In fact, failure to invest in a proactive maintenance program can cause premature floor replacement, which is bad for the environment and an unexpected cost to your bottom line. Regularly scheduled cleanings are recommended by the manufacturer to not only improve indoor air quality by removing things like allergens, bacteria, and dirt from flooring, but also to extend the life of your investment.

Sherland & Farrington teams customize maintenance programs which effectively clean our clients’ commercial flooring while supporting sustainable environmental practices.

Our maintenance services will enhance a facility's image, and can extend flooring product life-cycles, thereby generating a significantly lower amortized cost of ownership. We feature non-toxic cleaning agents, including Green Seal chemistries to ensure that every carpet and hard flooring surface we maintain enhances a facility’s environmental performance.

We place these customized products and processes in the hands of our network of trained maintenance professionals. Whether a client occupies a single facility or multiple sites across North America, we offer the correct flooring maintenance services.