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Specialty Services

Sherland & Farrington certainly offers everything a full service commercial flooring contractor is expected to offer, but we also enjoy offering specialty services that are a little more unique in our marketplace to offer our clients more options and better service.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete floors are a relatively new favorite choice for a finished floors because of its attractive appearance and low maintenance costs.

Concrete floors have more options and attributes than may be expected..

  • Concrete can be polished from a satin sheen to a high gloss
  • Concrete can be dyed an array of colors
  • Polished Concrete is very durable and is extremely scratch resistant

Polished concrete requires only routine cleaning and will last many years with a minimum of routine maintenance.


Sherland & Farrington is heavily invested into Commercial Management Software to not only make our business more efficient, but to make the service we provide to our clients a step above.

How our software makes a difference to you…

  • Digital field measuring integrated with our estimating software means accurate takeoffs and you purchasing just the right amount of material
  • Project management software streamlines our process, so we can get your job finished faster
  • Visual reports that will show just how your flooring will layout, so it looks just the way you want it

We embrace technology to make our job more effective, so we can make your project better.